We pride ourselves on our excellent exam results.

London College Of Music (RGT) Winter Exams 2021

Noah Dabbs Acoustic Guitar Grade 2 Distinction

Aimee Jagger Acoustic Guitar Grade 3 Distinction


Max Goodwin Piano Grade 5 Merit

Max Goodwin Theory Grade 5 Distinction

London College Of Music (RGT) Winter Exams

Bradley Curry Acoustic Guitar Grade 1 Distinction

Rylie Smith Acoustic Guitar Grade 4 Distinction

2020 ABRSM Exams

Eleanor Brabham Grade 8 Flute Distinction

Alice Johnson Grade 5 Singing Distinction

Amy Maddison Grade 8 Singing Merit

Emily Darrell Grade 5 Singing Merit

Emily Jackson Grade 5 Singing Distinction

Emily Jackson Grade 1 Piano Distinction

Alex Evans Grade 1 Singing Distinction

Joseph O' Connor Grade 2 Piano Merit

Joseph Lambert Grade 2 Piano Distinction

Oliver Bullock Grade 5 Piano Merit

Beau Brook Grade 1 Singing Merit

Sydney Coote Grade 4 Piano Merit

Oliver Coote Grade 3 Piano Distinction

2019 Winter

Noah Dabbs Grade 1 Acoustic Guitar Distinction

2019 Spring

Kelly Norton Grade 4 Acoustic Guitar Distinction

James Jones Grade 5 Acoustic Guitar Distinction

2019 Summer

Albi Douglas Waller Grade 2 Acoustic Guitar Distinction

Kelly Norton Grade 3 Acoustic Guitar Distinction

Alex Bott Grade 4 Acoustic Guitar Merit

2018 Winter

Rylie Smith Grade 3 Acoustic Guitar Distinction

Aimee Jagger Grade 2 Acoustic Guitar Merit

Amy Maddison Grade 5 Acoustic Guitar Merit

Congratulations from everyone at RMC on achieving such excellent exam results.